What is the most convenient hotel option?

By far the most convenient hotel option is the one that allows you to avoid checking in/out, packing/unpacking each day and that is best handled by staying in a Lafayette hotel every night. You get to sleep in the same bed, unpack/pack once, check in/out once and you have shuttles to drive you to your hotel and the ride start/finish each day. Shuttle times are 30 minutes to New Iberia, 10 minutes to Breaux Bridge and 30 minutes to Opelousas. We recommend bringing a day bag each day so that you have a change of clothes and shoes as you will not want to wear you cycle shoes while you are dancing and seeing the sights. You will also have the option to either use the shower truck at the end of the ride or use the shuttle to return to your hotel to shower and you can then return afterwards. In your day bag you should have your change of clothes and a pair of your best dancing shoes  along with your shower essentials.