Scavenger hunt! Whats going on?

Participating in the scavenger hunt will make you CZ experience much greater as you hunt through Cajun Country on your bike looking for clues.  Some will be obvious, some will be obscure, but we hope to challenge your wit and create some unique experiences while enjoying the ride.  The scavenger hunt is also a great way to get our sponsors engaged with Cycle Zydeco and the riders.  So strap on your helmet and get ready for some fun.

There will be 4 days to turn in clues (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday).  For each correct answer you will receive a ticket into a drawing for a wide selection of prizes from gift certificates to restaurants in the town you will be visiting to cycling gear from Primal.  The Scavenger Hunt Check-In station will be located adjacent to the mechanic & merchandise area each day of the ride and in the Expo & Check-In on Wednesday. 


We encourage you to build partnerships and have a good team.  Just figure out how you will split prizes.  Each correct answer gets a ticket so if your team has purchased 5 entries, and therefore can turn in 5 clue sheets then you would receive 5 tickets for a correct answer marked on all 5 sheets. 


The first set of clues, due Wednesday (4/19), will be a set of clues that you can gather simply by using your computer and have prepared at check in.  It is likely there will be some required singing, dancing, or costume act on Wednesday at check-in, as well as some other trivia type clues. 
Almost all of the participants will be from out of town, however, some local knowledge is very helpful. To gain an edge on the ride you may be best served by making friends and testing the Southern hospitality of the Cajuns to get some assistance.  Our support team want you to know that they can easily be bribed to help you find answers. 


We will try to provide a wide variety as well as a large quantity of prizes each day.  They will range from drink tickets, gift certificates, merchandise and anything else we can get local businesses and sponsors to provide us.  Our goal is to have as many people win and get more back than the $7 entry. 


We try to keep safety a priority and we will not ask you to feed a hungry alligator while wearing a chicken suit.  We also are not going to ask anyone to break laws.  But if you get arrested for singing “Don’t Mess with My Toot Toot” over the loud speaker of a police car…. Then you will get extra points and drink tickets. 


You should have a phone with a camera to take pictures.  If you can upload the photos to the Cycle Zydeco Facebook page that would be even better.  Of course, you will need a helmet. 

Scavenger Hunt Clues

These clues will be included in the CZ Scavenger Hunt clue sheets we will send out prior to the ride.  These clues will be part of the set that will be due on Wednesday April 19th.

According to the History Channel this was the site of the largest waterfall in Louisiana. It was greater than 150 feet tall, but only lasted for 2 days. The waterfall fed a lake which was originally fed by a freshwater spring. This lake is part of a tour stop on Thursday of Cycle Zydeco 2017. What is the name of this lake?

This weeks Scavenger Hunt clue is based on the image found on the back of the 2017 Cycle Zydeco jersey shown here. There are 5 questions each with different point values. These questions will be part of the set of clues to turn in on Wednesday, April 19th at Cycle Zydeco check-in.

"Cycle Zydeco is Louisiana's Cajun and Creole Cycling Festival." Part of the answer to the clue below is contained in the previous phrase.

Question 1 - How many flags are represented in the oak tree? (1 point)
Question 2 - Name the flags? (3 points)
Question 3 - What General led the Cajuns in the American Revolution? (3 points)
Question 4 - What country owned Louisiana when the first Acadians arrived? (3 points)
Question 5 - Who is the famous Louisiana artist from New Iberia in the Facebook profile picture of Tony Bernard Studio? (3 points) & "like" the Tony Bernard Studio Facebook page

We are very excited to have Iberia Parish as part of Cycle Zydeco this year. The city of New Iberia, Louisiana will host its downtown Artwalk in conjunction with the arrival of Cycle Zydeco on Thursday April 20th. Today's Scavenger Hunt clues revolve around Iberia Parish.

Question 1 - What town on Bayou Teche and which parish in South Louisiana are named for the fatherland of its early settlers? (3 points)
Question 2 - Where is the 200-acre landscaped Jungle Gardens with plants from Louisiana and around the world? (1 point)
Question 3 - Who is the architect of Church Alley Park and Bicycle Trail? (2 Points)
Question 4 - What is the name of the group who settled in this parish? (3 points)

There are many very old oak trees in Louisiana, we are looking for the most famous one in Lafayette (still standing)? Take a selfie with it, post and tag Cycle Zydeco on the Facebook showing the location. This is one of the most famous Oak Trees in Louisiana and worthy of a visit.

Question 1 - Thanks to its French heritage Louisiana is the only state in the United States of America that follows what code of law? (1 point)
Question 2 - Louisiana has had more than its fair share of notorious politicians, especially in the Governor's seats. It would not be fair to call these larger than life figures governors, but purely oligarchs who elected themselves to carry the title of governor from time to time. What governors cousin shared the same attorney as Lee Harvey Oswald? (2 points)
Hint - Is is possible that John F. Kennedy would be alive if Robert Kennedy had not dropped off the cousin's boss in Guatemala. The cousin is from a small town just north of Opelousas (the destination from Cycle Zydeco on Saturday) after Jimmy Hoffa went missing several ponds were dredged by the FBI in the surrounding area. This Louisiana governors cousin was referred tot as the "Keith Richards of American mafia".