Beignets - Basin - Beers - Boogie

Breaux Bridge to Arnaudville

MAIN ROUTE: 44 miles / 70 km &  LONG ROUTE: 83 miles / 133 km

** both routes include a 4 mile/6 km out & back leg to the swamp tour

Breaux Bridge - Henderson - Leonville - Washington - Arnaudville

6:00a: Shuttle services start between hotels and St. Bernard School & Parc Pont Breaux in downtown Breaux Bridge.

Luggage trucks staged at Microtel Inn & Parc Pont Breaux.  If you are staying in a Lafayette hotel then pack a day bag with a change of shoes and clothes, carry them with you on the shuttle to downtown Breaux Bridge and put them on the luggage truck.  If you are staying at the Microtel then be sure to put your luggage on the trailer at the hotel, do not carry your bags on the shuttle.

PART TIME PARTIER / Weekend Warrior Check-In

7:00a - 9:00a: Last minute check-in for weekend riders at St. Bernard School in Breaux Bridge. For route options, lodging and parking info please see the FAQ page "What is Weekend Warrior"


There are several breakfast options in downtown Breaux Bridge as well as on the ground at St. Bernard School. This meal is not included with registration.  If you are planning on enjoying the Zydeco Breakfast at Buck and Johnny's get there early, music at 7:30 am. Other options include Chez Jacqueline, Joie des Vivre Café. Additionally, Café 20.3 and Cochon Cannery will be serving hot breakfast options and yogurt on site at Parc Pont Breaux.

 Swamp Tour in Henderson at McGee's Landing

Swamp Tour in Henderson at McGee's Landing

7:30a - 9:00a:  Breaux Bridge Police and St. Martin Sheriff Officers will provide traffic support.  Please be on the road by 9:30a!

7:30a - 11:30a: Swamp Tour in Henderson at McGee's Landing (included with registration)

On Saturday the Long and Main routes ride together to Henderson for the swamp tour then to Bayou Teche Brewery in Arnaudville and up to Leonville before parting ways. Between Henderson and Arnaudville you will pass through Cecilia where you will find Sunny-Dee's. Sunny-Dee's will have a tent set-up with food, music, frozen grapes, and water for Cycle Zydeco riders, and your Zydeco Buck's will be welcome there.

12:00p - 6:00p: Saturday party at Bayou Teche Brewery with tours and free beer samples for riders.  This is the first point of interest as you arrive in Arnaudville.  Get there early before the lines back up. Check out the page about Arnaudville to get a feel for it.


You are on your own for lunch, but the options are numerous whether you plan to eat in Arnaudville, Cecilia, or Leonville. Recommendations in Sunset are Café Josephine and in Arnaudville, Little Big Cup and Myran's. Your Zydeco Bucks are welcome at all of these restaurants as well as to get BBQ plate lunches at the Bayou Teche Brewery Tap Room.

Live music at Bayou Teche Brewing by Quatre Coin Throwdown will start at noon!


SAG STOPS On Main route:
7:30a - 10:30a:  McGee's Landing, Henderson
7:30a - 10:30a:  Lucky Luke's, Potato Shed Road, North of Henderson
7:30a - 10:30a:  Bayou Teche Brewery, Arnaudville
1:00p - 4:00p: Leonville - Hwy 347 + Hwy 31

SAG STOPS On Long route:
7:30a - 10:30a:  McGee's Landing, Henderson
7:30a - 10:30a:  Lucky Luke's, Potato Shed Road, North of Henderson
7:30a - 10:30a:  Bayou Teche Brewery, Arnaudville
12:00p - 4:00p: Leonville - Hwy 347 + Hwy 31
12:00p - 4:00p: Leonville - Hwy 742 + Hwy 743
1:00p - 4:00p: Antique Schoolhouse, Washington



2:00p: Shuttles start running between Little Flower Auditorium, Hotels in Lafayette, and Evangeline Downs.

4:30 - 6:30p: Bernard Hinault signing session at Little Flower Auditorium

5:30p - 8:30p: Dinner provided by Little Big Cup at Little Flower Auditorium

6:30p - 9:30p: Pine Leaf Boys concert at Little Flower Auditorium

11:00p: Shuttle service ends for the day.


Places to check out in Arnaudville:

Vincent Darby's Art Studio
Tom's Fiddle & Bow
Nunu's Art & Culture Collective
Bayou Teche Brewery
Little Big Cup Café
Russell's Food Center - Free Boudin for CZ Riders! :D
Wyble's Snowball & Fireworks - always a good combination
The Secret Oak Tree on Hwy 31