Boudin, Chickens & Washboards

Thursday April 25th

Lafayette - Scott - Carencro - Cankton - Grand Coteau - Sunset

Main Route = 41miles / 66km

Long Route = 61miles / 98km

Breakfast Options:

Breakfast is on your own. We will post additional recommendations as we near the ride, but a few of our favorites are Cafe 20.3 on the Bayou, T’Coons (near the hotels). Check out your Zydeco Bucks and the Program Guide for more suggestions!

Bicycle and Car Parking options

  1. Lock up your bike Wednesday night to one of our racks outside or inside the stadium at Blackham Coliseum.

  2. Drive to Blackham Thursday morning and drop off your bike, then drive back to your hotel, park your vehicle, and catch the shuttle back to Blackham Coliseum.

  3. If you are camping or staying at the designated local hotels in New Iberia, Breaux Bridge, or Sunset and need long-term parking; you will park your vehicles at the Blackham Coliseum for the duration of the ride. Be sure to have your parking pass clearly visible on the dash board.


  • 7:00 - 10:00a: SHUTTLES BETWEEN Blackham coliseum & designated Lafayette hotels

  • 7:00a - 9:30a: Late check-in, packet pick-up, bicycle rentals & shipped bicycles pick up. 

  • 7:00a - 9:30a Luggage trailers will be staged at Blackham. If you are camping or staying at a destination hotel on Thursday night, please drop off your luggage at the luggage trailer during this time only. If you are staying in a Lafayette hotel Thursday night, we suggest packing a small day bag with a towel and change of clothes to put on the luggage truck. All luggage will be delivered to the staging area Thursday afternoon.

  • 8:30a - 10:00a: Pre-ride Jam!

  • *10:00a*: Allons Rouler - Let's Ride y’all!

This is the only mass start for Cycle Zydeco AND is escorted by police. all riders must leave together from Blackham coliseum. do not ride ahead or try to pass the escort! The escort will be for the first 6 miles

Ride Details

The Main & Long routes will travel together to Sunset and at mile 40 the routes will separate. The routes will be well marked with paint & vertical signage.  The Long route will add mileage from the finish of the Main route.


The City of Scott marks our first stop on Cycle Zydeco. Though only 6 miles from the start, you’ll want to get ready to stop in and taste some of the best boudin and Cajun meats in the region. Use your Boudin Passport to make stops at all the local meat markets and try a little of everything. NuNu’s Cajun Market is the first official SAG stop with live music. Check out their plate lunches and boudin. Other stops in Scott to visit include Don’s Specialty Meats, Fezzo’s, Billy’s Boudin, Coffee Depot, Uncle T’s Oyster Bar and Cajan’s to catch some more unique tastes.


At mile 16, Cycle Zydeco participants will be rolling into the City of Carencro. Carencro will have a SAG stop and Zydeco Buck restaurants to visit. A bit of the route (but marked) is Pogie’s Pour House (ride through their drive through Daiquri window or hang out inside and enjoy some drinks.) Next door is Pizzaville USA frozen mugs for your draught beer and outstanding thin crust pizza. Both are on the Zydeco Buck program and new to the ride.


Kick it up a notch at Cankton Country Bar, which has been a favorite stop for Cycle Zydeco riders in the past because they serve adult beverages and snacks.


Ride into Sunset or ride into the sunset while riding into Sunset if you’ve spent the afternoon at Cankton Country Bar. Welcome to the rub board capital of the world. Sunset will offer a special downtown party spot with a few restaurants, bars and out door music. Enjoy charbroiled oysters from Cafe Josephine (personally some of the best I have ever had). Sunset is also know for its antiques and craft shops and is the host of several antiquing events each year. Don’t worry, the finish for the day is only a mile further down the road. Ever played Chicken Drop Bingo? The final stop for Thursday, Chanticleer, was the last legally operating cock fighting pit in the US. Does anyone care for some fried chicken?

Thursday Evening Schedule @ Chanticleer

238 Napoleon Ave., Sunset, LA

Sponsored by: Zydeco Salsa

  • 2:00p: Luggage and day bags available for pick up. Shower trailers in place.

  • 2:30 - 11:00p: SHUTTLES BETWEEN Blackham coliseum, Evangeline Downs Hotel & designated Lafayette hotels run.

  • 2:30 - 10:00p: CZ Bar & Merchandise tents open

  • 3:00 - 6:00p: Zydeco Salsa sampling

  • 5:00 - 6:30p: Special activity @@

  • 5:30 - 8:00p: catered dinner provided by 16 Cracklins, the cooking team competing in Hogs for a Cause. Dinner is served from 6:00 until 9:00 and the menu includes @@

  • 6:30a - 9:30p: Horace Trahan & Ossun Express

Rest Stops(SAG stations):

  • Mile 6 NuNu’s Cajun Market 10:30a - 12:30p (Main & Long) Available mechanic support from Acadiana Bicycle Company, water, Powerade, Coca-Cola, fruit and toilet

  • Mile 16 Downtown Carencro 10:45 - 1:00p (Main & Long) water, Powerade, Coca-Cola, fruit and toilet

  • Mile 22 Cankton Country Bar 10:45p - 1:00p (Main & Long)

  • Mile 29 I-49 Intersection 10:45p - 2:00p (Main & Long ) water, Powerade, Coca-Cola, fruit and toilet

  • Mile 40 Downtown Sunset 12:00p - 4:00p (Main & Long)

  • Mile 41 Chanticleer 12:00p - 6:00p (Day 1 Finish) Available Showers, bathroom, bar, dinner, dancing and live music

  • Mile 49 Jessie Richard Rd & Hwy 356 12: 30p - 2:30p Pickle Juice, water and Powerade. We suggest fill up and pee in Sunset/Chanticleer.