Beignets - Basin - Beers - Boogie

Friday April 25th

Sunset - Grand coteau - Leonville - Washington - PORT BARRE - Arnaudville - Cecilia - Henderson - Breaux Bridge

MAIN ROUTE: 42 miles /67 km

MEDIUM ROUTE: 60 miles/96km

LONG ROUTE: 91 miles /148 km

** This route may change due to scheduled road maintenance **

6:00a: Shuttle services start between hotels, Blackham and Chanticleer in Sunset, LA.

Luggage trucks staged at Evangeline Downs Hotel and Chanticleer.  If you are staying in a local or Lafayette hotel then pack a day bag with a change of shoes and clothes, carry them with you on the shuttle to Sunset and put them on the luggage truck.  If you are staying at the Evangeline Downs Hotel then be sure to put your luggage on the trailer at the hotel, do not carry your bags on the shuttle.


This will be some of the best riding of the entire trip with freshly paved roads traveling along side of some small swamps and bayous. Even if you are looking for the shortest distance we recommend taking the route to Leonville before heading to Arnaudville and other points South. You will have plenty of time to recover along the ride with rest stops that include Bayou Teche Brewery, in Cecilia you will have Quinn’s Tavern followed by Lucky Lukes’s where Forest Huval will be playing (10:30a - 1:30p) and then take a cruise through the Atachafalaya swamp with a beer from McGee’s Landing. It will be a busy day with plenty to stop see and dance to.


Eat at your hotel, catered breakfast on site at Chanticleer for campers. In addition there are several breakfast options on the route in Sunset, Grand Coteau and Arnaudville.

7:30a - 9:00a:  Sunset & Grand Coteau traffic support.  Please be on the road by 9:30a!

6:00a - 8:30a:  Breakfast for campers at Chanticleer provide the Little Big Cup.

6:00a: until: Coffee, Cokes, Water, Powerade for everyone.


You will have numerous options for lunch and snacks along the ride.

  • Old Courtableau Cafe in Washington

  • Bourques Superrette in Port Barre (jalepeno bread, boudin and plate lunch)

  • Chicken King in Port Barre (Chickens and Turkeys) Little Big Cup Restaurant

  • Russell's Food Center in Arnaudville- Free Boudin for CZ Riders!

  • Bayou Teche Brewery & Cajun Saucer Stellar Pizza leaving Arnaudville (pizza and beer) ZB

  • Green’s Piggly Wiggly Store in Cecilia (boudin and plate lunches)

  • Sunny Dee’s in Cecilia

  • Quinn’s Tavern & Carolyn’s Cafe ZB (hamburgers, jambalaya adn crawfish dogs)

  • Lucky Luke’s SUPER SAG with Forest Huval and friends playing for you. Crawfish Town USA will be serving: Crawfish Etouffee, Fried Catfish, and Potato Salad for $10 

  • Pat’s Fisherman’s Wharf in Henderson

Other points of interst:

Vincent Darby's Art Studio (Arnaudville)
Tom's Fiddle & Bow (Arnaudville)
Nunu's Art & Culture Collective (Arnaudville)
The secret oak tree looks like a hand going into the ground (Hwy 31 South of Arnaudville)
The Stephanie Plantation (Cecilia)

Cecilia Party SAG

Thanks to Cecilia Cultural Collective and the Al Berard Music Festival. Cecilia will host a SUPER SAG and Forest Huval will be playing at Lucky Luke’s on Friday from 10:30a - 1:00p.

Swamp Tour in Henderson at McGee's Landing

Swamp Tour in Henderson at McGee's Landing

Swamp Tour


11:30p - 3:30p: Swamp Tour in Henderson at McGee's Swamp Tours & Adventures (tour and complimentary Bloody Mary or beer is included with registration).


Rest Stops(SAG stations) - Main route:
8:15a - 10:30a: Leonville - Hwy 347 + Hwy 31
9:00a - 10:30a: Bayou Teche Brewery, Arnaudville

10:00a - 2:00p: Lucky Luke's, Potato Shed Road, North of Henderson
11:30p - 4:00p: McGee's Landing, Henderson

Rest Stops(SAG stations) - Long route:

8:00a - 10:30a:  Washington
9:00a - 10:30a: Bayou Teche Brewery, Arnaudville
12:00p - 4:00p: Leonville - Hwy 347 + Hwy 31

10:00a - 2:00p:  Lucky Luke's, Potato Shed Road, North of Henderson
11:30p - 4:00p: McGee's Landing, Henderson

swamp tour.JPG

FRIDAY DESTINATION: Breaux Bridge, LA - St. Bernard School & Parc Pont des Pont Breaux

2:00p: Shuttles start running between St. Bernard School, hotels in Lafayette, and Microtel Inn & Holiday Inn Express.

2:00p - 7:30p: Cycle Zydeco Bar

3:30p - 6:30p: music by Rockin’ Dopsie & Zydeco Twisters

3:30p - 5:30p: Crackling cooking and roasted big samples by 16 Cracklins (Cochon Cannery & Social)

11:00p: Shuttle service ends for the day.

PART TIME PARTIER / Weekend Warrior Check-In

3:00p - 7:30p: check-in for weekend riders at St. Bernard School in Breaux Bridge. For route options, lodging and parking info please see the FAQ page "What is Weekend Warrior"

Dinner (Breaux Bridge):

  • Buck & Johnny’s ZB

  • Cafe Sydnie Mae’s ZB

  • Chez Jacqueline ZB

  • Landry’s Seafood House ZB (use shuttle)

  • Tante Marie Restaurant-Cafe-Bar ZB (Cedric Watson & Jordan Thibodeaux 7:00 - 10:00)

  • Crazy Bout Crawfish ZB (use shuttle)

  • Restaurant Pont Breaux ZB (use shuttle)

    Non ZB Restaurants

    • Main Street Grub Pub

    • Jeaux Biff’s

    • Angelle’s Burger

    • Creole Lunch Box

    • Le Cafe