Bicycle Rentals for Bourbon Country Burn

Quality Bikes and Excellent Service provided by the staff of Cycle Zydeco

Bicycle Rentals for Bourbon Country Burn

Cycle Zydeco is excited to announce that we are partnering with Bourbon Country Burn! We will be providing bicycle rentals for this three-day ride through the gorgeous land of Kentucky Bourbon. Our rental fleet of over 75 bicycles, our experience with providing excellent service at Cycle Zydeco, and the opportunity to experience a ride that appreciates a good whiskey as much as we do made this a no-brainer.

Our most popular bicycle models are built for touring and road tested by Cycle Zydeco participants. Your rental will come with a bike lock, bike seat bag with extra tube, bottle cage, and daily tune-up service. Forget the cost, hassle, and potential damage of shipping a bike. Instead, show up to Bourbon Country to find the perfect ride waiting for you with a dedicated and friendly staff.

Would you like to use your personal bike instead?  Ship your bike to Cycle Zydeco HQ via BikeFlights, and the Cycle Zydeco staff can either have your bicycle professionally assembled or bring the boxed bike for you to assemble.  Then, after the event, our staff will disassemble and ship your bicycle back to you.


Our Popular Rental Models

Fuji Touring front angle.png

Fuji Touring

The Fuji Touring is the ideal touring bike, sturdy and reliable with a geometry designed for endurance. The only issue you will have is avoiding overloading the racks with too many cases of bourbon!

Jamis Citizen 2

Our most comfortable model. With a plush seat and a drive train that is built to conquer hills, you are guaranteed a smooth ride on this hybrid frame from Jamis.


Fuji Finest copy.png

Fuji Finest

A smooth fitting, endurance-ready bike designed for women. This model is comfortable, lightweight, and fast-fast.

What is Cycle Zydeco?

Cycle Zydeco is a 16 year-old tradition that combines the Cajun and Creole culture of South Louisiana with a spectacular bike tour across the region. The ride consists of five days of partying and four days of riding punctuated by cold beer, hot crawfish, and lots of dancing to live music by the best bands in Louisiana. Cycle Zydeco occurs each year  on the week after Easter.

The Priorities of Cycle Zydeco are:

  • EAT
  • RIDE... to the next party!

In 2018 Cycle Zydeco was graced by the presence of one of the best cyclists in history–Bernard Hinault–a French native and five-time Tour de France winner who acted as "le Capitaine de Cycle Zydeco." Though Hinault has a reputation as an aggressive racer, he elected to take a more relaxed pace at Cycle Zydeco where the only racing he did was to the beer truck for his favorite Louisiana craft beers.

The 2019 ride is scheduled to take place during Lafayette's Festival International de Louisiane. The festival is a one-of-a-kind event bringing musicians from all over the globe to play for over 300,000 festival-goers. Pre-registration is available today.