On the far southern border of St. Landry Parish lies the village of Cankton.  For adventurers who’d prefer the road less traveled, this small town is located along scenic Highway 93. Roll the windows down and you just might catch a whiff of the killer barbeque from Moma C’s Cankton Drive Inn. While you’re there, take the opportunity to chat with locals and hear the story of Dr. Louis Aristide “Cank.” As a boy, Guidry would signal his family that he was home from a hunt by using the duck call "Cank, cank, cank." His folks would say, “Cank est revenu,” (Cank is back) and the name stuck.

One of the final SAG stops is Cankton Country Bar, who will be providing commemorative Cycle Zydeco glass when you purchase their signature bloody mary. 

Other stops in Cankton include Dodge's Ice House (a biker bar that welcomes spandex) & Cormier's Grocery Store where you can find boudin that will not be included at the Scott Boudin Festival.