2018 Routes

The routes are flat and typical of what you would expect in South Louisiana.  Each day of the ride (Thursday - Sunday) we will offer 2 distance options, a "Main Route" and a "Long Route."

MAIN ROUTE:  Distances range from 35 to 45 miles

LONG ROUTE: Distances range from 62 to 77 miles.  We try to make this ride at least a metric century.

AWESOME SUPPORT TEAM:  Regardless of your cycling condition do not be intimidated by any of the distances.  We have very experienced support teams in place with school buses on stand by.  We have no problem picking up riders and getting them to their final destination.  If we need to move a couple hundred riders midday for some reason, then know we have a contingency plan for that situation.

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Day 1 MAIN 38 miles (61km)to City Park

This route also includes a short tour of downtown to visit Konriko Rice Mill, Shadows on the Teche, Little River Inn Restaurant and other sites.  That tour adds 2 miles to the route.

Stop by the CZ bar before you head to City Park to 

Day 1 LONG 68 miles (110km) to City Park

This route does not include a 2 mile touring loop of downtown New Iberia.  Which co

Day 2 MAIN 39 miles (63km) 

Day 3 MAIN 44 miles (71km)

You can reduce the total distance of the day to 26 miles (42km) by stopping in Arnaudville.  However, the to Leonville will be some of the best riding of the event.  Total distances includes 4-mile out and back for swamp tour at McGee's Landing.

Day 2 LONG 64 miles (103km)

Day 3 LONG 84 miles (135km)

Shorten this route to 52 miles (84 km) by only completing the loop North of Leonville or make it a 64 mile (103 km) day by turning around at Hwy 190.  The roads and scenery North of Arnaudville are some of the best you will experience in Louisiana.

Day 4 MAIN 37 miles (60 km)

Day 4 LONG 63 miles (102 km)