Full service, outdoor camping with tent, air bed, towels service & more provided by Padre's Cycle Inn.

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, stay close to the action and do not want to hassle with setting up a tent or air mattress, or dealing with wet towels each day then Padre's has the solution. This year we are excited to have the Padre's Cycle Inn providing full service tent, towel and chair rental. They will be providing this Full Service & Rental option from Wednesday through Sunday morning. See the pricing page on Padre's website for information on pricing and details on their services.

The way it will work... They will set up your tent, airbed and chair for you. Your luggage and towels will be in a designated area near your tents. Then in the morning they will tear down your tent, airbed and chair. They will load up your luggage and all the gear and head to the next destination and get everything set up for you again… and again and again. 

Cycle Zydeco provides showers and restroom trailers for all riders each day for no additional charge. These facilities are available everyday of the ride, including at the camping area located at Beaver Park next to Vermilionville Wednesday night, Thursday morning and post ride on Sunday.