Lodging Options

Cycle Zydeco offers many options for lodging during the tour from camping to hotels.  

  1. You can stay in one of our designated Lafayette hotels every night "BEST OVERALL HOTEL OPTIONS". We have shuttle services to and from the ride site and the hotel running every morning and evening. Enjoy the same bed every night and avoid the hassle of checking in & out and packing/unpacking each day.  This is our #1 recommendation for lodging.  If this is your option we recommend that you pack a "day bag" with shoes and a change of clothes. Each morning put your "day bag" on on of our luggage trucks. When you get to the end of the ride you will have the option to shower in the shower trailer or you can shuttle back to your hotel to shower then shuttle back to the party. 
  2. Camping with Padre's Cycle Inn getting concierge service with a rented tent and chairs. 
  3. Camping on your own with your own gear.  We do have limited indoor camping available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  
  4. Staying at a designated hotel in the local town which is serviced by Cycle Zydeco shuttles. Shuttle times will range from 7 to 15 minutes.  
  5.  In downtown New Iberia (Thursday night) and downtown Breaux Bridge (Friday night) there are a couple of B&B options that are in easy walking/riding distance from the CZ staging/camping site.


You must book hotel reservations directly through Cycle Zydeco on this website.  You will receive shuttle passes when you purchase your hotel directly through our website.

All taxes and fees for hotels are included in the posted prices for Cycle Zydeco through this website.  You should find that we offer the best price available compared to what is available online or by directly calling in.

Lafayette Hotels

Includes the Garden Plaza Inn (formerly the Ramada Conference Center) and the Holiday Inn North. Shuttles will run to these Lafayette hotels each day of the tour.


The designated hotel in destination towns are exclusively available for purchase on this website and will include shuttle passes with your lodging purchase.  These hotel are not located near the staging & campgrounds for Cycle Zydeco.  Cycling from the grounds to these hotels is only for the intrepid cyclist comfortable on busy highways.

New Iberia (Thursday 4/5) is the Hampton Inn.  

Breaux Bridge (Friday 4/6) is Microtel Inn.  We have a very limited number of rooms at this hotel but expect to get more rooms later in 2018.  If we are out of rooms online then you can simply purchase Friday night at Garden Plaza or Holiday Inn Lafayette.  Those hotels are only 5 minutes away from Microtel.

Opelousas (Saturday 4/7) is Evangeline Down Hotel & Casino.  



Each day of riding will begin at the previous night's camping/staging area. Indoor and outdoor camping options are available free of charge.  We do not coordinate individual spaces for indoor camping, it is on a first come basis each day.

Camping and RV

We will have a campsite each night of the tour with showers available and options for either indoor or outdoor camping. Rider's and their friends and families have the option to camp out independently in tents or RVs, or to participate in full service camping with Padre's Cycle Inn.


If you have other lodging arrangements (whether staying at home, a B&B or in an RV) we expect you have your own transportation and will not need shuttle services. If you will need shuttle services, you must purchase shuttles passes for your designated days.