The routes are flat and typical of what you would expect in South Louisiana.  Each day of the ride (Thursday - Sunday) we will offer 2 distance options, a "Main Route" and a "Long Route."

MAIN ROUTE:  Distances range from 35 to 45 miles

LONG ROUTE: Distances range from 62 to 77 miles.  We try to make this ride at least a metric century.

AWESOME SUPPORT TEAM:  Regardless of your cycling condition do not be intimidated by any of the distances.  We have very experienced support teams in place with school buses on stand by.  We have no problem picking up riders and getting them to their final destination.  If we need to move a couple hundred riders midday for some reason, then know we have a contingency plan for that situation.


Maps and directions will be added to this page as the routes for 2018 are finalized. If you want to view the routes from 2017 to get an idea of the ride, see the map images in the 2017 Cycle Zydeco Program Guide