We all want to be self-sufficient, but sometimes you just need a little help. These folks are the ones to lean on when you need assistance on the road. Flat tire? Out of water? Lost your way? Need a drink? Call these guys and they will fix it. Please save their numbers.

General Information
Scott Schilling: (337) 781-9416
Matt Holland: (337) 277-4676
Destiny Fordis: (480) 415-1477

Support and Gear (Route Assistance)
Roy Landry: (337) 298-1684
Leroy Richard: (337) 945-0588
Kevin Landry: (337) 962-3135
Tim Bennett: (337) 962-2916
Rickey Tenney: (337) 789-0126
Greig Prejean (Fri-Sat): (337) 852-1711

Shuttle Services
Mike Richard: (337) 278-5579