How difficult is the riding?

Here are some key points about the routes and they variety of riders participating in Cycle Zydeco. 

  1. The route is flat.  On the biggest climbing day, riders start at 10 feet above sea level, descend to 6 feet in Henderson, LA then climb to 72 feet over the course of almost 40 miles.  It would be an overstatement to describe this day as a gradual climb over rollers.
  2. Do not worry about your level of endurance.  This is an easy going ride with plenty to see and do each day.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to stop and enjoy the surroundings, whether it is a brewery tour, a swamp tour, a hole in the wall bar, or just hanging out with the support crew.  Our support team on the road is always ready to give a cyclist and their bike a ride to the next stop.
  3. There will be a wide variety of cyclists on the road.  Some are new to cycling and other are traveling across the country and are making Cycle Zydeco a destination on their way to St. Augustine, FL.  Regardless of your level you will have plenty of company on the road traveling at your pace.
  4. Each day of  Cycle Zydeco there will be two route options.  The "Main Route" will stay around 38 miles.  The "Long Route" will be at least 62.14 miles (100km) each day.