If I stay in a Lafayette hotel each night will the shuttles bring me to the start of the ride for that day and then back to the hotel in the evening? YES!

  • In the morning and evening we will have several buses running shuttle routes between the hotels (Lafayette & "destination" town) and the start/finish location.
  • In the mornings the first shuttles will typically leave Lafayette hotels around 6:00a and the last shuttle will hopefully leave by 9:00a.
  • In the evening the shuttle service will start around 2:30p and run until 10 or 11pm, depending on the need and desire of the riders to stay out

What do I do with my belongings if I stay in a Lafayette hotel each night? Nothing, you get to come back to your room and your things each evening. 

  • At the end of ride if you want to take a shuttle back to one of the Lafayette hotels to shower, change and then head back out to the destination town, then that is absolutely fine. 
  • Keep in mind we will also have a shower trailers on site of the destination area for you. Each morning pack a "day bag" with a change of clothes and shoes that you can throw onto a luggage truck.  

Will you shuttle my luggage and/or camping equipment?

  • If you are staying in a destination location you will need to pack your bags each morning and bring them to the shuttle stop. They will be put on a luggage shuttle and brought to the next destination location to meet up with you.

Will you shuttle my bike?

  • All bikes will remain at the destination location in a designated area with security to watch over them. However, be sure to bring a lock with you as they will still need to be locked to the bike racks!