Outdoor camping is available from Wednesday through Saturday night. Indoor camping is available on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.  If you are camping and bringing your own gear, then we will shuttle your gear and luggage for you during the event in accordance with our 2 bag/rider policy (40 pounds/bag or 80 pounds total please). This service is included with your registration.  

Camping Venues:

  • Wednesday (outdoor only) @ TBA in Lafayette, LA

  • Thursday – TBA

  • Friday – TBA

  • Saturday – TBA

Cycle Zydeco provides showers and restroom trailers for all riders each day for no additional charge. These facilities are available everyday of the ride. Indoor camping on your own:

  • Indoor camping venues are available TBA

  • Breakfast will be provided on TBA


Padre's Cycle Inn is the exclusive provider of full service concierge tent rental and services for Cycle Zydeco.  Visit Padre's website for pricing.